We are a LIFESTYLE BRAND intent on serving a multi-generational market with distinctly different tastes and personal backgrounds.  We believe that our market is very health conscious and once informed about issues with quality and adulterants will tend to make choices to avoid mediocre products that are quicker & easier to produce.

From those who choose our products both for higher quality of product and higher quality of effect, to more established interests who have a desire to use products that are discreet and refined enough to fit into their well established lifestyles, to those who may have enjoyed the effect in the past and are now coming back to people who have perhaps always been present in the culture and perhaps seek a different time of day and effect to consume at an extremely refined level. 

In short, we intentionally market to people seeking that higher quality of product by appealing to more refined tastes and mindsets, while maintaining accessibility to all so that once people try our brand they never go back to inferior products.


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