Bodhi High

Bodhi High Vape Cartridges

Custom blends for effect flavored 100% with Terpenes

Our Vape Pen Carts will Awaken Your Senses with the experience of full-spectrum properties of cannabis with a choice of Effects to Awaken Your Senses. Our Cannabis Oil is extracted by a proprietary closed-loop process utilizing FDA approved high purity hydrocarbons, blended with plant-sourced Terpenes in specific ratios for flavor & effect, and uses an Organic Wildcrafted Emulsifier oil base so you do not have to worry about PG or VG, or any other fillers, ever.  Our carts fit any 510 threaded battery base, but are of course custom designed to match our Bodhi High Batteries for ideal usage.

Organic Wildcrafted Emulsifier Oil base,
Bodhi High Cannabis Oil extracts,
Plant-derived Terpene blend for flavor & effect

none, ever


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