ABOUT Bodhi High

Who Are We?

Bodhi High is a holistic-minded, community-oriented company dedicated to the creation of exceptional products designed to awaken your senses. We wholly believe in cannabis’ ability to enhance and amplify everyday experiences.

Bodhi High Is a Lifestyle

Our company is composed of unique, but like-minded individuals, focused on building community and awareness through education and engagement. We believe in synergy and synchronicity. We believe we are the sum of our collective journeys and that ultimately we are better together.


Our Mission is supported by our business and cultural foundation: “To produce premium products that awaken your senses.” This statement reinforces our holistic mindedness and intention to influence both individual and community growth, it is the very genesis of our work.

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The Bodhi High Philosophy

We are a lifestyle brand intent on serving the multi-generational culture we live in. We seek to share and normalize the diverse use of cannabis, through the products we manifest and actualize. We believe using cannabis recreationally or medicinally has profound benefits for those that engage in the practice.

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Commitment to Quality

We know that premium products can only be created using premium ingredients and input material. To that end we hold ourselves, our farm partners, and our suppliers to the highest standards. Whether it be flower for our concentrate lines, ingredients for our edibles and topicals, or hardware for our vapes, we understand that quality in equals quality out.

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The Bodhi High Difference

We are a continuation of the conscious culture that was born of cannabis prohibition, rooted in the past but boldly focused towards the future. We are authentic in our philosophy and approach to cannabis and the industry as a whole, seeking knowledge and collaboration, over competition. We choose to lead the way in premium cannabis products with passion, purpose, and integrity. From soil to oil, individual to entity, our goal is to create a company and culture that is intentional, sustainable, and driven from the ground up. To consciously co-create the world around us.

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